Though some colleges have planned in-person graduation ceremonies this year, many students will not be able to attend one.

While it might not be how you would prefer to honor this milestone, you can still celebrate your child’s graduation at home.

There are lots of creative ways to display graduation photos and ways to ensure your child’s graduation celebration is something they will never forget!

Read on to find inspiration on how to celebrate graduation at home.

Ways to Celebrate Your Child's Graduation During COVID

Ways to Celebrate Your Child’s Graduation During COVID

Creative Ways to Display Graduation Photos

One of the best ways to celebrate college graduation is by reminding your child how much fun they did have in college! Look through their social media or ask them to give you photographs of some of their most treasured college memories so you can print them.

Here are some creative ways to display graduation photos:

  • Hang a collage on the wall
  • Create a scrapbook with other mementos
  • Hang them on string with pegs
  • Shape them into the numbers “2021”
  • Fill helium balloons and hang them on the end of the string

There are so many fun ways to display pictures for graduation events. And you could use some of these ways to display photos for a graduation party, too.

Relatives and close friends would likely love to see what your child got up to at college.

Organize a Photo Shoot

If your child cannot have an in-person graduation ceremony, they will also not get photos of them in a cap and gown. One of the best ways to celebrate a graduation during this time is to organize a photoshoot for them.

Hire the traditional graduation attire that they would have for their college for the shoot. Check out Graduation Mall discounts when hiring the outfit.

Nowadays, some students decorate their graduation caps with a quote or phrase. So, make sure you check out creative ways to organize hats in photographs for inspiration before the shoot.

Plan a Virtual Party and Ceremony

Why not go all out and plan a virtual party and ceremony for your child?

A scroll with ribbon is easy enough to make, and you could live-stream it for your friends and family. Be authentic and ask a family member to make the keynote address. And you could play games and host quizzes based on your child’s major and their time at college.

You could send everyone party favors, too. If you need any graduation giveaways ideas, cupcakes with an iced graduation cap would be a crowd-pleaser.

Don’t forget to cater the virtual event with your child’s favorite snacks and a celebration cake for the occasion.

Celebrate Your Child’s Graduation Safely

Hopefully, you have learned lots of creative ways to display graduation photos and other ways to honor graduates this year.

It is disappointing to not be able to celebrate this milestone as you imagined doing so. But the important thing is that everyone stays safe and your child still gets to celebrate their achievement.

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