From singular earrings to bright colors, it’s time to update your wardrobe with 2020’s newest earring trends.

Maybe you love large diamond statements. Perhaps you prefer a subtle pearl look. Whatever your earring preference, it’s important to have sturdy backings.

Not sure which earring back is best for you? Read on to learn about different types of earring backs and their uses.

The Different Types of Earring Backs Explained

The Different Types of Earring Backs Explained

Push Backs

Push backs are the most common type of earring back.

If you’re a frequent earring wearer, you probably own a pair with these simple backs. Shaped like a butterfly, these have a small hole for pushing onto the earring. While cheap, they can fall off easily.

These backs are best for those who prefer budget jewelry or don’t wear earrings often.


Don’t have your ears pierced? No problem.

Clip-on earrings are often indistinguishable from real ones. They clip on to your ear lobe through the use of pressure.

If you like wearing earrings for special occasions but don’t want to commit to piercing, clip-ons are the choice for you. Keep in mind, heavier pieces can put a strain on your ear lobes. Consider getting your ears pierced for more jewelry options.

French Wires/Fish Hooks

For those who want their earring and back in one piece, French wires, or fish hooks, are a great option.

These wires curve like a fish hook. The jewelry hangs like a teardrop from the end for an elegant look. While the gorgeous gemstones for these earrings might be out of your budget, you can find amazing jewelry deals on our website.

Latch Backs

Latch backs are the most common back type for your classic hoop style earrings.

For these backs, a loop and hook style allows for the post of the earring to loop through a small hoop. Latch backs are great if you love hoops and desire a secure hold.

Screw Posts

If you love the look of a push back but don’t want to keep losing your jewelry, then opt for a screw post.

These backings screw onto the earring post for a secure hold. While these backs tend to be more expensive than push backs, they’re much better for keeping your studs in place.

The only downside to screw posts: Your earring must have grooves to match the back. Unlike push backs, you can’t interchange backs with your different earrings.

La Pousette Backs

Another excellent choice for added security, la pousette backs use a spring lock for your posts.

La pousettes have a special dent that works with studs that have a matching indentation. Easier to take on and off than screw posts but more secure than push backs, this style could be your go-to for post earrings.

Different Types of Earring Backs: Which Is Right for You?

Don’t settle for the cheap plastic backs that come with your earrings. There are countless different types of earring backs for you.

Love hoops? You’ll want a latch back.

Need extra security for your elegant diamond posts? Screw posts are the way to go.

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