You have less than 6 seconds to grab a recruiter’s attention. Six seconds? Yes, exactly. That means that your resume has to be something astounding for the recruiter to stop their metaphorical scrolling, and engage with your resume further.

If you aren’t confident about your resume writing skills, it’s recommended that you check out some resume writing services online to spruce up your resume from blah to ‘Wow, I gotta hire this person right now!’

You don’t want to be dealing with rejections or silences. Remember that in 2020, it takes about a month to 3 months for someone to find a job. If you are the kind of person who’s living paycheck to paycheck, like most Americans are, then you don’t want to unemployed for longer than necessary.

Check out the best resume writing services below to get your resume whipped into shape fast, so you get recruited into your dream job asap.

What Are the Best Resume Writing Websites and Why Should You Care?

What Are the Best Resume Writing Websites and Why Should You Care?

Find the Resume Writing Website for You

There are many online resume writing services out there, so how to pick the best one for you. Well, it depends on what you are looking for. The top resume writing services according to the Balance Careers are Let’s Eat, Grandma,, The Muse, TopResume, LinkedIn ProFinder, and ZipJob.

If you are interested in an open-source platform, where you hire the best freelancer resume writer yourself, then LinkedIn ProFinder is for you. But, if you want to hire the premium online resume writing services, where you get a conversation with a skilled writer and get a resume tailored to your exact experiences, Let’s Eat, Grandma is for you. is no longer only a job search website but has resume writing services as well. Besides, if you want a LinkedIn makeover, they do that for you as well! Bazinga!

Finally, The Muse has the best price (starting at $119), TopResume has the best customer service, and ZipJob has the best guarantees. With ZipJob, if you don’t land 2 times the interview within 60 days, they will partner you with a senior writer to see what improvements can be made.

Another website to keep in mind is – they have a quarter million satisfied customers over 2 decades.

With only six seconds in your resume’s hands, you want to ensure that your qualifications stand out like no other’s. You want the recruiter to jump up out of their seat with joy that they found you, the perfect candidate for them.

Resume Writing Services Are Necessary as You Don’t Want to Be Unemployed for Too Long

In your parent’s time, resume writing services used to be a fanciful, but unnecessary invention. Nowadays, with competition sky-high for all jobs, you must perk your resume up with professional help.

It’s not enough to plop down a few of your past job experiences and call it a day. Unless you want your resume to be shuffled off to the side as recycling, you need to check out some professional resume writing services and hire them asap. This way you can stay Zen knowing that a new job isn’t that far off.

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