There’s a gentle breeze, just enough to render this sunny Sunday afternoon temperate rather than sweltering. Aside from a couple of canoes and a few sailboats, the lake is still, its surface mirror-like. A tall, refreshing glass of lemonade sits within easy reach on the arm of your sun-warmed Adirondack chair. Life is good.

If you know, you know. Adirondack chairs are some of the most comfortable pieces of outdoor furniture you can buy. With their instantly recognizable silhouette, they have come to symbolize summer itself.  But how did they come to be, and how can you take care of these beautiful wooden chairs so that they last for decades? Read on for some helpful tips!

This Is How to Clean and Maintain Your Adirondack Chairs

This Is How to Clean and Maintain Your Adirondack Chairs

First Things First: What Kind of Adirondack Chairs Are Best?

You have probably seen plastic or composite Adirondack chairs. They range in price from under $30 to over $300, depending on the type of plastic used, and therefore vary in quality, too. Depending on your lifestyle and your budget, these chairs can be a lovely addition to your outdoor living areas.

However, wood is the classic material for the traditional Adirondack chair, and with good reason. It’s sturdy and durable, can be stained or painted, and offers a timeless aesthetic. With proper care, wood chairs will last a lifetime and maybe even longer.

Some of the most common woods used in Adirondack furniture are pine, Douglas fir, white cedar, red cedar, and redwood.

Make Sure to Perform Routine Maintenance

As with any well-made object, these beautiful outdoor chairs require regular attention if they are going to last. About once a week, give them a gentle wash to clean off the dust, pollen, and grime that has accumulated on them. Use a bucket with warm, soapy water — a mild, all-natural cleaner is the best thing to use, no matter what kind of finish your chairs have.

Afterward, rinse them off with either a hose or a bucket of clean water so that a film doesn’t develop. Then dry them with a soft towel.

Give Them Attention Annually, As Well

Once a year, spend a little extra effort and time taking care of your chairs. It’s a good idea to do this before you store them away for the winter. That way, when you pull them out again come springtime, they will be nice and clean and ready to enjoy.

A power washer makes this task a snap, but you can also clean the Adirondack chairs with a brush or rag and a high-quality wood cleaner. You may also want to apply wood polish or wood conditioner, depending on their finish.

Comfortable, Beautiful Chairs to Complement Your Lifestyle

Investing in wood Adirondack chairs is a wise decision. This is particularly true if you own waterside property. However, the wide variety of materials and finishes available means that these superb seats are perfect for any outdoor setting. Give them a little TLC, both during the warmer months and before you pack them away for the winter, and they will serve you in good stead for years to come.