Imagine the best warm bath you’ve ever had, and then set the scene outside looking at a gorgeous fiery sunset over a misty mountainside. The benefits of hot springs soaking have been known for hundreds of years and used not only because of the restorative healing they bring, but also the relaxation they induce.

When you take a Japanese onsen bath, you experience a myriad of health benefits that’s we’ll go over. By the end of this article, you’ll either be ready to book a flight to Japan or ready to buy Onsen Secret, bath salts specially formulated to recreate the benefits and relaxation of real Japanese hot springs.

What Is Onsen and How to Use Japanese Hot Springs

The Health Benefits of Japanese Onsen Bath Salts

The Health Benefits of Japanese Onsen Bath Salts

Onsen is what hot springs are called in Japan. They occur naturally and most have nearby resorts for locals and tourists alike to visit and utilize.

There is a structured etiquette when it comes to using an onsen. Those who wish to soak in an onsen must first clean themselves so they don’t introduce impurities into the spring. Resorts will provide a nearby showering station for guests to rinse off before entering the onsen.

Hot springs should be a peaceful experience. Talking is not usually prohibited, but rowdy behavior is.

Traditionally, bathing in a hot spring was done completely naked. In more modern times, certain locations allow bathing suits for their modest guests.

To reap the benefits of a hot spring while maintaining safety, guests are recommended to soak for 10-20 minutes at a time.

Onsen Secret vs Japanese Hot Springs

To best understand the benefits of using bath salts is to first understand the benefits of the onsen. After reading what hot springs can do for your health, you’ll realize you can take the whole experience home.

Benefit No. 1: Improve Blood Flow

It’s probably no surprise that Japanese onsen is naturally hot. The energy produced from deep within the earth’s crust heats this Japanese groundwater to 100-110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Soaking in an onsen will raise your core temperature. This will improve the circulation of your blood and increase your rate of metabolism.

Thanks to indoor water heating, you can achieve the same heated bath right at home.

Benefit No. 2: Pressure Release

Have you ever stayed in the tub after unstopping the drain and felt your body grow heavy as the water slips away? When you are mostly submerged in water, the water provides buoyancy to your body, giving you a weightless experience.

Every Japanese onsen bath is deep enough to provide you with this feeling of weightlessness. This removes pressure from your joints and lets you relax every muscle.

Benefit No. 3: Restoring Minerals

As groundwater bubbles up to the surface, it collects minerals on the way, and many of them are beneficial to your body. As you soak in a hot spring, your body absorbs these minerals and they get to work right away.

Silica and sulfur are excellent for your skin. Carbon dioxide reduces blood pressure, and radium helps with joint, muscle, and nerve pain.

Onsen Secret has based its formula on the mineral-rich content of Japanese hot springs, matching the healing proportions accordingly to give you all the benefits of a hot spring in your home.

Benefit No. 4: Reduce Swelling

When you sink into a hot spring, the water pressure all around combined with the heat aids in improved circulation. Water pressure against your skin acts like compression and helps decrease retained fluid.

Bring the Japanese Onsen Bath Home

Skip the long, expensive flight to Japan. You can bring the experience and benefits of hot baths to your home. Onsen Secret makes Japanese onsen bath salts enriched with the minerals found in the hot springs of Japan, and we offer great Onsen Secret discounts.

You may not have the same scenery, but these Japanese hot springs bath salts work the same as taking a soak in a real onsen. The benefits of using bath salts are the same as the real thing.

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