Anime conventions are no longer events for only hardcore nerds. They are becoming more and more popular. Even if you don’t spend your time watching a lot of anime, they’re something anyone can enjoy.

But if you’re getting ready for your first anime convention, you might have some questions. For example, what are you supposed to wear?

We’ve put together this guide to show you some of the best cosplay ideas for girls, so make sure you keep reading below!

Before You Start Thinking About Awesome Female Cosplay Ideas…

The 4 Greatest Cosplay Ideas for Girls

The 4 Greatest Cosplay Ideas for Girls

Cosplaying isn’t the most affordable hobby, and if you choose a difficult costume, it can be exhausting to put together and to wear. Make sure you consider the following things before you simply pick your favorite anime character.

  1. Budget – How much money are you willing to spend? If you don’t have a lot of flexibility in your spending, you’ll want something that doesn’t require a lot of props or use Cosplay Clan discounts to help save money.
  2. Comfort – Why do you want to cosplay? If you want a costume that will look great in pictures, it’s worth spending more time and money on it. If you want something fun to wear while you’re attending events at a convention, you might want to pick something simple, breathable, and easy to move around in.
  3. Casual Cosplay – Don’t have the money (or the desire) for a full cosplay? You can always buy a wig and put together a casual cosplay instead.

Once you have a better idea about what you’re looking for in a cosplay, it will be a lot easier to choose the right character. Here are a few cosplay ideas for women to give you some inspiration.

4 Cosplay Ideas for Beginners

Even easy cosplays take time to create, so give yourself at least a few weeks to buy all the different pieces or make them by hand. If you need something fast, these beginner ideas will ensure you don’t find yourself stuck without anything to wear.

1. Umaru-Chan – Himouto Umaru-Chan

This is one of the best female cosplay ideas for beginners. As long as you have Umaru-Chan’s signature orange cloak hoodie, you can pretty much wear anything you want underneath. However, including her pink leggings and white shirt will really pull the look together.

2. Misty – Pokemon

Everyone will know who you are if you slip into a Misty cosplay, and the costume itself is simple. The hardest part is the wig, but you can look up a few guides online to learn how to style it or even buy it pre-style.

Pokemon is a fun choice because, even if Misty isn’t a good fit for you, there are a lot of other characters you can choose from. Designing your own Pikachu costume is unique and easy, being a Team Rocket Grunt is super fun, and becoming a Pokemon master lets you include your favorite Pokemon plushies!

3. Uraraka – My Hero Academia

This cosplay is a little more challenging than the other options on this list. Sporting her full hero outfit can be a beautiful, attention-getting costume, but it does require a bit more props, such as a helmet and bulky pieces.

If you love the character but want something simpler, choose her U.A. High School uniform. This also gives you a more comfortable alternative if you want something to wear while exploring the convention.

4. Misa – Death Note

Looking for something a little more mature and sexier?

Misa is the perfect cosplay for you. Since she changes outfits so often in the anime, you don’t have to stick with anything specific. Throwing together your favorite goth and Lolita clothes will give you the perfect appearance.

Just make sure you include the Death Note! Otherwise, people might mistake you for someone else.

The Best Cosplay Ideas for Girls of All Ages

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