We all know beans are good for your heart. But they’re also good for your back.

Beanbag chairs wrap around your shoulders, back, and legs. They support your posture and mobility.

You can sit or lean on them. You can even turn them into a bed.

But there are dozens of beanbag chairs to choose from. Don’t worry. Here are the five best beanbags.

Best Beanbags: Things You Didn't Know You Didn't Know

Best Beanbags: Things You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know

1. Great Bean Bags

Great Bean Bags provides a classic round beanbag. Their bag is made of velvet fabric, which resists strain but adjusts around your body.

Their bag has rich mustard fabric, providing a retro appearance to your room. You can customize it to midnight blue or blush pink if you prefer.

It is easy to carry, being made of lightweight materials and coming with a top handle. You have five sizes to choose from, and the medium size is perfect for most people.

2. Moon Pod

Moon Pod is one of the newest beanbags on the market. It is a lightweight chair that uses expanded polystyrene beads. These beads conform to your contours and ease your tension.

The inner shell of a Moon Pod is made from spandex, which provides support. The outer shell is made from a blend of fabrics, allowing the beads to adjust to your body.

You can use a Moon Pod as a chair, recliner, or mattress. Moon Pods let you feel weightless, easing your pressure points.

Moon Pods cost up to $399, though they are an ideal luxury purchase. You can save money with a Moon Pod Coupon. Moon Pod also offers regular sales.

3. Owen Barry

Owen Barry offers one of the best luxury beanbags on the market. Their bag comes in Swedish sheepskin, a lightweight and comfortable cover. The beanbag has a soft leather base, supporting the bag against hard floors.

The bag is small, perfect for use as a footstool. You can remove some of the beans to make a larger dip, transforming the bag into a nest. Its soft gray color palette compliments rustic interiors.

4. Big Joe

Big Joe offers the most chair-like beanbag on the market. Their chair has reinforced sides, two armrests, and a high backrest. The chair is double-stitched, increasing its durability.

Its soft plush fabric lets you sink into the cushions, and its beans roll to adjust to your body. If you are looking for back and side support, Big Joe is ideal for you.

5. Pillowfort

Pillowfort’s cocoon seat is a variation on the classic bean bag. Its U-shaped cocoon design creates an armchair-like form. You can snuggle up in it, or you can stretch out.

The velvet cover has a liquid-resistant lining, protecting against spills. The cover is also machine washer friendly.

The seat is sized at 16″ x 34″ x 34″, ideal for young children. Adults can sit in it too, especially if they stretch themselves out.

Afford the Best Beanbags

The best beanbags are versatile and comfortable. Five stand out for their durability, support, and comfort.

If you want a great classic beanbag, buy from Great Bean. For luxury products, purchase Moon Pod or Owen Barry.

For added support, purchase Big Joe. To buy something for your kids, purchase Pillowfort.

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