You are going to get a new piercing, but now you have to choose what kind of jewelry you want to put in that piercing.

Your jewelry selection is a critical part of the piercing process. From the style to the type of metal for your piercing jewelry can affect everything from the healing process to its impediment to your everyday life.

Depending on the type of piercing and its placement, there are many choices to decide between when picking your jewelry. Here is a guide to help you decide what kind will be best for your lifestyle.

A Simple Guide on How to Choose Piercing Jewelry

A Simple Guide on How to Choose Piercing Jewelry

Jewelry for Every Piercing

Each type of piercing has standard jewelry styles that work best for the initial piercing.

Certain kinds of jewelry allow the piercing to breathe more than others. Different cartilage will heal differently and over varying lengths of time.

As you experiment with jewelry styles, you will find that certain shapes fit certain piercings better than others, but it also depends on your lifestyle and how often it may get in the way.

Standard lobe piercings can take studs or hoops – it depends on the look that you want. However, hoops tend to offer more space for cleaning and saline spray.

Dermal piercings only have one entrance due to the end piece being imbedded underneath your skin. It is especially important that your jewelry quality and metal choice is safe and durable.

Facial piercings can be a bit more sensitive, so if you have any allergies to metals like nickel, be cautious about what kind of jewelry you put in your piercing. Your face may easily breakout if the wrong kind of jewelry is used.

Choosing Piercing Jewelry

The size and metal of your jewelry will depend on several things. It will depend on what gauge, or size, you want the piercing to be, and the look of the metal.

Ultimately, the color of the metal can be a big influence. Silver, gold, gray, and black are all options for jewelry. Although the piercer might initially recommend a skin-safe metal like sterling silver to begin with.

The gauge of the jewelry after your initial piercing can vary depending on if you want to stretch the skin for a smaller gauge (i.e., a larger piercing size), or if you want the piercing to shrink around a larger gauge (i.e., a smaller piercing size).

Buying piercing jewelry can also be costly, but it’s imperative in order to keep a piercing clean and healthy throughout its healing process and after. If you’re patient, you can find good deals and discounts on high-quality jewelry for your piercings.

Best Piercing Jewelry for You

With good research and knowledge of your body, you can find the right kind of piercing jewelry for all of your piercings, all while maintaining the appearance and confidence that your piercings can provide you.

You’ll feel more comfortable knowing your intended piercings sizes and styles before you even walk into the piercer’s shop.

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