More than 264 million people suffer from depression, according to the World Health Organization. In 2020, as the world battles the COVID-19 pandemic, rates of depression in all demographics are rapidly increasing. The Muse brain sensing headband is gaining popularity in the field of stress-management.

The practice of meditation has been shown to improve both physical and mental health. From sleep disturbances to high blood pressure, people find solutions through meditation and relaxation. Equipping yourself with the proper tools to prevent and reduce stress and anxiety is essential for a happy life, and what I’m suggesting is a little stronger than a salt-lamp.

A Complete Review of Muse, The Brain Sensing Headband

A Complete Review of Muse, The Brain Sensing Headband

What Is a Muse Brain Sensing Headband?

A brain sensing headband monitors your body’s signals and gives you feedback so you can get the most from your practice. Headbands designed by the company Muse are comfortable, sleek, and exact.

The best brain sensing headband will create an immersive, calming environment to help you focus and relax. It will also monitor both your brain and body to give you feedback on your sleep and/or meditation practice. The Muse headband keeps you on track and ensures that you are making the most of the time you set aside to relax.

Muse is a meditation and relaxation aid that reads your brain’s EEG waves and tracks your physical state. With this data, you can see exactly where you may have issues, and how relaxed you truly are. Be sure to check out the Muse Coupon at the end of this article for a discount on either the Muse 2 headband or the Muse S headband. You can find health and wellness coupons for similar products on this coupon site.

Similarities Between the Muse 2 and Muse S

Both headbands monitor breathing, heart rate, and EEG brain waves, which indicate how calm or possibly how agitated you are. Through a wireless connection, your data will be accessible and easy to understand on your iOS or Android device. A variety of soundscapes — like rainforests and campfires — are available to match your mood and respond to your mental state.

Different Features to Suit Your Needs

The Muse 2 headband is designed specifically for meditation, while the Muse S headband is designed to help improve sleep. This means that the Muse S headband includes sleep guides to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. The Muse S headband also tracks your sleep cycle, showing you how long you were in REM sleep and how restless you were.

To gain the physical and mental health benefits you seek from stress relief, you need to make the most of the time you set aside to relax. Muse has applied the science behind relaxation to its headbands. Read more about the importance and benefits of mediation, and learn how to save money when you purchase your next health and wellness aid.

The Solution for Sleep and Meditation Problems

If you have trouble sleeping and/or meditating, the Muse brain sensing headband can help. Share your experiences with guided meditation devices and sleep aids in the comments below. And be sure to use this Muse Coupon when deciding which headband is best for you.